Waiting List for Heart Surgery


Heart diseases, as the most common cause of death in Indonesia and worldwide, have always been considered by the public and healthcare policy makers.


Complicated task by CV anesthesiology, preparing patient for open heart surgery

Consequently, increasing the number of heart surgery centers has become an indicator of healthcare extension. Almost all of healthcare managers place the expansion of heart centers at the top of their career priorities.


Hand wash for all team member, preventing post operative infection leading to sepsis


This issue is usually supported by national politicians, e.g. members of parliament and city council, beyond the people’s concern. Therefore, purchasing and launching highly developed technologies has become a touchstone to assess politician’s capacities. It varies from an ordinary clinic to the most advanced open-heart surgery and imaging facilities, such as catheterization labs.


Need for Specialized Medical Team

Despite this progress, waiting time is regarded as an appropriate determinant in evaluating healthcare quality, heart surgery prognosis



Ability for mentally & physically adapt to high medical standart

In countries with general health insurance coverage, waiting time limits healthcare access and decreases inpatient payment. Consequently, they will have more sources for providing state surgical or hospital services. Of course, it can harm people’s health and cause inadequate use of elective services


Ready even they’re not ready

Besides being an important factor influencing patient satisfaction, waiting time is a quality measure for outpatient services. Keijzers et al. assumed that waiting time, staff motivation and patient education are more effective on patient satisfaction than specialized team provision. Several scholars believe the time assigned by physicians to patients’ visit is more satisfying than waiting time for receiving services . Waiting time is an expression of hospital services accessibility and a measure for hospital performance.



The smallest Cardiac OR in the world (?)

Solans-Domenech et al. mentioned about an increasing pressure for the implementation of an equitable and patient needs-based system to rationing surgery. They also assumed that national official data on waiting lists for Spain and Catalonia do not allow conclusive lessons to be learned, regarding the impact that the austerity measures are having on waiting times for patients.


One of the proposed solutions for decreasing the need to elective surgeries is the substitution of public financing by private methods. When the public services are in poor condition, or private services are strong and choosing of the providers could be done by patients, this is useful. We should consider that increasing private insurance coverage can cause more demand and give the opposite result


In our country, Indonesia, the long list of non arguable cardiac surgical patient have ben a long talk. More than 6 months, even almost one year considered as an irreasonable time,. Few more heart centre have been built, the outcome was significantly “different” due to different capability.


But the bottom line is, that we has been out numbered by the patient.


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What we have to deal with, is the government, the decision making of all condition rehardless the humanitarian system in Indonesia.

Hungry for more surgeon, more cardiac centre.